Apple Smart Watch Debut

The big wait is over – after years of speculation, rumors, half-announcements and discussions late last night (local time) was finally officially presented “smart” clock of Apple, known first as iWatch, but in the end, as Apple Watch. As expected by Tucsonsmartwatches, the US company told in detail about the long-awaited wearable device that will be available for a wide range of users with various options for layout of the… Read Article →

Removable Decorative Stickers

Easy handling and application can be applied on different surfaces. It is possible to personalize your room with the application of a decorative wall sticker. With this product, the rooms get a special touch without reforms or paintings on walls. Do you like more neutral items to decorate your space? Or you are the type who loves bolder elements? Whatever your taste, here you will find numerous prints and illustrations, like animals, hearts, music icons,… Read Article →

How to Apply Bathroom Wallpaper

Leave the sameness and give a new look to your bathroom The bathroom is one room important and necessary, but often neglected in terms of decor. Many people believe that the bathroom should not or cannot be decorated by space limitations or functionality. For those looking for convenience or don’t want to spend much, bathroom stickers are simple, inexpensive and very effective, creating points of colors, fun or even different decorating a bathroom that… Read Article →

The Perfect Bra for You

As it happens with our clothes, choosing a bra we find above all comfort and security. A bad choice can pose risks for the health of our chest. Then, we reveal the keys to succeed in the pursuit of the perfect bra. Rods and itching in the skin, muscle pain in the back, chest discomfort… All these are just some of the possible consequences of a bad choice of our… Read Article →

How to Choose Party Dresses

When a woman receives the invitation to a party, one of the first concerns is about what to wear on the day. Production should always be a point that deserves attention because you must appear beautiful in the day and raze, especially if the reason for the celebration. On BESTAAH,  you will find some tips on how to choose party short dresses and what the best models for some cases. Not Too Short… Read Article →

Wall Stickers for Decorations

With wall stickers, you will give a new face to your home The wall stickers are practical and easy to install. More than that, they add style and can reveal the personality of the inhabitants. Versatile, they fit and beautify any environment from the kitchen to bathroom. You can even renew a room without works or paintings – and without spending too much about it. They are available in the various styles, colors and textures, which only make it… Read Article →

Casual Dresses for Chubby Ladies

All women want to be stylish and look the best of the latest trends in dresses, especially when it comes to dresses for any event or special occasion in which you want to dazzle. One of the details that most women do not usually complain, is the style of our body, but this must end now, since it has a wide variety of dresses for chubby, which now I show… Read Article →

Galaxy K Zoom: Extra Vine App From Samsung And Twitter

The optical zoom of the Samsung Galaxy K zoom support – this is the aim of the special vine app, which is jointly developed by Twitter and Samsung. So the Galaxy K can exploit its strength in shooting short films with the application of vine full zoom. One of the core features of the Samsung Galaxy K is ten times optical zoom zoom – and thanks to the special app… Read Article →

Tips for Parents: Halloween

Halloween is a tradition that began more than 2,000 years ago. At that time, the Celts of Britain, Ireland and France celebrated new year on 1 November and not on January 1, as it is usual today. Some 800 years later, the Church established that that is a holiday. The Church called this festive day ‘All Saints Day’ and the mass celebrated that day was called Allhallowmas. The night before… Read Article →

What is Postpartum Depression? Symptoms, Causes and Complications

It is normal that after giving birth your emotions are more intense – the good and the bad – and you feel decayed or tired. However, if the symptoms last more than two weeks and you feel the weight is too much for your shoulders, you can be suffering postpartum depression. What is postpartum depression? It is of moderate or severe depression that occurs after giving birth. Usually begins about… Read Article →