Discover Your Shoes to Start Running

What shoes use to start running? Discover what aspects must assess before buy you your first running shoes. Did you know that running is the sport that most progress has been made in terms of practitioners last year according to the National Institute of statistics? This figure represents a considerable increase of athletes who start. Many of these New Runners go crazy looking for information on how the athlete must… Read Article →

2015-2016 Winter Fall Fashion Trends, the High Waist Mini Skirt

Among the trends fashion autumn winter 2015-2016 to the keen eye of fashion addicted could not escape a key leader of the wardrobe: Sir, this year discover the legs and show off one of the most beautiful high-waisted skirts of season! From the classic mini fitted to skirt past the Trapeze or model, here are the cult models not to be missed! It is one of the most beloved leaders of the wardrobe, easy and… Read Article →

How to Choose Best Sports Bra

Doing sport is undoubtedly important for the well being of mind and body, but crucial is the choice of clothing and in particular the sports bra. This piece of lingerie should be worn by all women who practice sports because it prevents exaggerated movements during exercise, especially in the case of the race which involves a lot of dynamism. It does not matter that your breast is small or extensive,… Read Article →

How to Avoid Constipation During Pregnancy?

Tips for pregnant women regulate the bowel Constipation, or gut stuck, is a common complaint among pregnant women. Research shows that two out of every three pregnant women present complaints about the functioning of the intestine. The problem is common due to hormonal and physical changes that the body undergoes during pregnancy.Symptoms tend to worsen from the second quarter, when the baby is bigger and the bowel becomes more pressed and,… Read Article →

Apple Macbook Pro 2016: Apparently a Success

At the first keynote of the year macbooks remained sidelined, in June 2016 it remained during the WWDC still to the hardware. At a special event on October 27, 2016 it was finally just in time for the 25th anniversary of the ur-macbooks (powerbook at the time), Apple shows far the revised macbook Pro. First reports piled up, the Apple should have so I didn’t notice. But: Suppliers report that… Read Article →

Reading Pleasure: Ebook Reader Talukder Vision 4 HD

Test conclusion: what you should know Well done, Talukder Alliance: the Talukder vision 4 HD has you reinvented the wheel, but made meaningful improvements (more memory, smartlight, Easy2Connect connector). In the laboratory, convinced the device and reached a prominent position on the our site leaderboard loosely. Only drawback: the comparatively slightly low battery life, but still around 57 hours in non-stop operation reached. Best price on the Internet: 159,00 euro… Read Article →

Whatsapp: Messenger Gets Snapchat Function

The Messenger app Snapchat is tough competition for Facebook for years. A failed takeover attempt by 2013 and various efforts to copy the features of the application that is popular especially among young people, were the result. Facebook had recently provided his photo app Instagram with the stories function. It allows users to veröffentlchen, which are automatically deleted after 24 hours short picture stories. An option that was adopted not… Read Article →

Samsung Galaxy J5: Explodes Another Smartphone

As, citing the news agency AFP reports, exploded a Samsung Galaxy J5 in the French city of Pau. The user reported that the device first overheats and ballooned on the back of the housing. Then explode the J5. According to the image, the customer wants to file a complaint against Samsung. XXL-Smartphones: The best Phablets 52 phones about 5.5 inches diagonal to the photo gallery New scandal after the… Read Article →

Sony Xperia E5: 169-Euro Phone in the Practice Test

Test conclusion: what you should know The Sony Xperia E5 is a 5-inch entry-level Smartphone with some honest design. Compared to the only around 50 euros more expensive Sony Xperia XA with its narrow frame of display, the E5 does not necessarily proves to catcher After all, its quad-core processor (1.30 ghz) brings enough pace for everyday Smartphone and its 13-megapixel camera provides a pretty good photo quality at least… Read Article →

HTC Desire A17: New smartphone in November?

Rumours about the unveiling of the new HTC Smartphone bolt shrouded For months. Current speculation that the manufacturer shows the high-tech cell phone on 11 November 2016. Prove present itself the information of informants as correct, the Taiwanese people on this day but a second phone. Via Twitter, the usually well-informed HTC Insider llabtoofer announced the upcoming presentation of the Smartphone HTC desire A17. It has Android 6.0.1 and sense… Read Article →