Models of Small and Large Leather Handbags Fashion

Handbags  are classic pieces from the era of the middle ages, you know? An accessory as old, but it’s impossible to go out of fashion, precisely because of the need of people to load objects, because their pockets are not enough for this mainly for the female audience.

Fashion Tips: How to Wear over the Knee Boots

Boot is the official winter footwear. Is comfortable, warm and, depending on the model, turn any look. Today I will talk about the controversy Over the knee boots (or cuissardes, in French). Is that fateful model above the knees by which many women turn up their noses for fear of seeming vulgar. What is silly because it’s just know quantitate the rest of the look to make sure that doesn’t happen… Read Article →

How to Choose Glasses for Each Type of Face?

Knowing how to choose the glasses according to your face shape is the first step to having a memorable look. Not all types of glasses are suitable for all types of face. It is important that in choosing the glasses, choose them in a way that matches your face. If you have any doubt, here are some tips on how to have the perfect glasses for your face.

Male Sweater Tips and Models

Let’s get to know and stay inside the models of male sweater that is fashionable and so see how to choose the styles that come in highlighting valuing and leaving the most modern men.

The Famous Bikinis Models Are Using

With the arrival of summer celebrities take advantage this time off to enjoy the hot day and squander good shape and looks amazing in swimwear. See what are the favorite of celebrities bikini models and get inspired to rock you, too, whether at sea or in the pool.

Bikinis for Every Body Type: Find Your Here!

Like who we are and the way we have is a nice attitude. But you can always improve, enhance strengths or take the focus of those parts less attractive. Thinking like that, today I bring you tips of bikinis for every body type.

Leggings: 7 Tips to Follow

Discover the secrets of how to choose and use them! The leggings (model pictured, H & M, €12.95) are the solution to be explored both in summer as in winter, and are can be used for all kinds of women.

Look: Jeans Skirt

Before starting the post I warning:this is one of those looks that those who like LOVES and who doesn’t love HATE.

Fall Winter Denim Trends

Jeans go always, definitely! But rarely the blue trend substance came so therefore elegant as this fall season. Denim, the sturdy fabric from the French city of Nimes (“de Nimes” = denim), can at once noble and remains so casually. Indigo blue is here the trend color! The dark blue color appeared in denim jackets, sexy slit skirts and blouses to Jean. The denim it-pieces can be easily Makeover with a few simple steps-even you… Read Article →

How to Use Black Legging: Can Do

The legging pants is a basic, versatile piece and Joker that can not miss in our wardrobe. On hot summer days or on top of the cold of winter the play manages to combine with all styles of clothes and shoes without losing elegance. Models in leather or shiny fabrics are more restricted and should be used only for skinny women and body in shape. The famous pants by outline… Read Article →