Honeycomb for Nook Color Is Now a Reality

The release of the SDK, and the subsequent official presentation, honeycomb is giving much to talk about. A few days ago a user from XDA community published a Nook Color video with 3.0 Honeycomb that showed the new version of the Android operating system running on a Nook Color. An interesting concept test but little stable. After a few arrangements has uploaded a fairly stable version so that any user… Read Article →

The Neural Network of SwiftKey Already Knows Spanish to Offer Better Predictions

A few weeks ago SwiftKey He began to improve predictions of your keyboard through the use of neural networks. Your keyboard has begun to understand human language and to suggest the next word will analyse everything in context of the phrase which we have written instead of just keep in mind the last two words. The new neural network of SwiftKey it premiered a few days ago in the United… Read Article →

Google Maps for Android Launches New Voice Commands

Google Maps wants drivers to have the hands on the steering wheel and the eyes on the road, do not want that they divert attention and begin to touch the phone while they are underway to set the browser or change the path, and to avoid this nothing better than the voice commands. As many already know, Google Maps can be used with our voice by way of hands-free During… Read Article →

Motorola Xoom, with USB Released for More Functions

This is one of those news stories that, for the moment, few can enjoy, but that they will pave the way when the tablet is 100% available in the Spanish market, no crazy contracts, in particular in its Wifi version (exclusively). For those who already have one Motorola Xoom (lucky them), the news is more than interesting because the tablet comes from the factory with the micro connection Grey USB…. Read Article →

Honeycomb, an Uncertain Future as Competition

What a surprise, that we continue with the Apple Keynote, introducing the new iPad2, We get the references of Steve Jobs (genius, guru and CEO of Apple) to Android, and more specifically to the platform Honeycomb, ‘ competition ’ direct from them. By the way, our little bee is blue, white on black is a metaphor for jail (thanks Steve).

A Stroll through The Interface of Android 3.0 for Tablets

We have already seen what are the novelties offered by Android 3.0 for developers. Now we are going to see more detail the innovations that brings its interface for tablets, designed to squeeze the possibilities that it offers a larger screen and so do not have the feeling of being in a large mobile, that is what currently happens with the majority of the tablets that are on the market… Read Article →

What’s New for Developers in Android 3.0

A couple of weeks ago was published SDK Android 3.0 Preview where we could see over the news that brought this version. Now we will see in more detail the tools and innovations that Google offers to developers in the new version of Android 3.0. Developers will have all the facilities to adapt their applications to the new interface and thus better experience and usability of them.

Cornerstone, or Getting out of Real Multitasking and Stand out against The Competition

One of the main differences between Android and iOS is the concept of multi-tasking. While Android multitasking is real (the background applications continue running alike) in iOS philosophy is quite different: the application only stops running important parts designated by the programmer, thus saving resources, memory, battery. Each system has its strengths and its weaknesses. From Onskreen We present Cornerstone, an alternative to Android that will lead beyond the concept… Read Article →

Google Not Will Allow Manufacturers of Honeycomb Customizations

In these days we have heard two informational news concerning the new operating system of Google for tablets, or, Honeycomb. The first refers to the delay in the liberalization of the source code of Honeycomb, which you just inform and which insurance will affect the mood of many manufacturers and developers. The second story, on the other hand, will only affect to the interests of many manufacturers, because it goes… Read Article →