Topman Baby of Their Own Origins in This Fall Lookbook

Happy to see things well done. After a start of unstoppable fall, started in November with one of the lookbooks most anticipated. Few firms I find so few drawbacks as a Topman and, if we read regularly, you will understand how excited we’re seeing the new proposed logo of British-style ship. For this fall, Topman baby of their own origins.

Sober, Elegant, Refined… So Is The New Zara Lookbook for The Month of November

Comes the month of November, and with it the cold and among other things, the corresponding Zara lookbook. For this occasion, Zara has chosen to be nonsense and to welcome the cold and the winter in the most elegant way possible: chromatic drastic color, palette reduction based on white, black and grey and a much more sober style although they would earn in masculinity and formalism in all garments. To us… Read Article →

Versace Designs The Official Uniform of Real Madrid This Season

In addition to with his white horse riding, this season will see the template of the Real Madrid dressed in Versace. And that the Italian firm has been commissioned to design the new uniforms that will adorn players, the coach, the coaching staff at official events. That Yes, not only of the team of first Division, but also the Real Madrid Castilla and the Real Madrid basketball.

God Created Man and Fred Perry, Raf Simons a Perfect Varsity

The jackets varsity they were successful in the past and in the autumn/winter 2012 / 2013. This season, however, it seems that this classic from the masculine wardrobe has been without the prominence that it deserves, and maybe that is the reason why, Fred Perry and Raf Simons have decided to create a unique jacket varsity that you will remove the hiccup teamwork.

Inevitable Day of Fishing in Miami

Labour had to go to Miami with my family, as it could not be less advantage for a little walk and shopping in my visit to the BASS PRO SHOP, took the opportunity to enjoy and I did very well… He had in mind, as 100% of the fishermen to a place where there is water, go fishing. Prepared as duty compels took me all the info that had happened… Read Article →

And All Items from The Collection of Isabel Marant for H & M, We Are Left with…

The collection if it has not been a success, we will not deceive us. Isabel Marant style enough triumphs in the female sector with their particular vision of the boho-folk but to us fails to convince us: clothing elegant, Yes, but lacking personality and the touch Marant the firm tends to grant their garments and that in the closet of them we could see something more reflected that in our.

Basic of Autumn (IX): Leopard Print

I like to see how, little by little, the masculine wardrobe is releasing topics and begins to create and track trends only. In some of the reviews we did on the best fashion shows presented this season, was left to see a pattern with greater role: the Leopard. This print so monopolized by the female adapts to man with sports clothes that it remaining hardness to the set.

Dandy Italian Renews Their Classic Hand Bershka and His Capsule Collection

Bershka just point a bit with the presentation of his new collection in which the Italian pace is reflected in each of its garments. A collection of classic pieces that will reinvent the concept of Italian tailoring giving it a more youthful, urban, renovated and contemporary. So what we get are classic fashion adapted to the new times. And we like it, we like pretty.

Style College of Tommy Hilfiger for This Autumn in Motion

In Jezebel man you know that we are unconditional fans of Hilfiger family. After a campaign that we believed forced to the Hilfiger to the University campus, we have to bite his tongue in view of the success that will have the return of fashion more preppy and college. Are you ready to rescue your sweaters of peak, your checked shirts and tartan print this fall?

Don’t Even Have Shelter for The Fall? in H & M Us Help Choose It

The temperatures have dropped, October has begun and the rains, all fields have been wet. Circumstances that remind us that autumn has become and that it is high time to start preparing our wardrobe for the cold season. Then and thanks to H & M, we help you choose the perfect coat for the next months: