Google Smartphones Are Named “Nexus”

The fact that Google wants to name itself in the course of time the in-house smartphones after itself, has been around for a few years in the room. Again and again rumors revolve around a change of name from “Nexus” to “Google”. And what was so far only speculation could soon become a reality.

5 Ways to Wash Lingerie Correctly

Lingerie pieces are a treat that you want it to last enough, isn’t it? After all, they are important for your self-esteem and you end up having a relationship of affection with those you love and want them to be well preserved.

Kracie Naive Facial Cleansing Foam

Today I am going to talk about a foam for facial cleaning of Kracie Naive line, specifically the Facial Cleansing Foam rose. Like other large firms, which sell their products by ranges and even create its own brand to sell their economic products, Kracie Naive, it belongs to Kanebo.

Top 10: the Most Desired Red Lingerie!

We women do not give up investing in beautiful models that value our body, our silhouette and increase our self-esteem even more, and break, please the partner, right?! When it comes to sensual lingerie the first color that comes to many women’s head is the vigorous RED. Sometimes you look at lingerie of another color and nothing for her, there you have the same model in red, the story changes… Read Article →

Dress for Chubby Young

All women do not possess the same body type , some are thin and while others gorditas. But, don’t worry, because today there are dresses for everything body type. If you’re young and chubby, take note of the following recommendations, of dresses for young gorditas.

See the Comparison Between the Best Intelligent Watches

They are becoming more popular and the interest of the smartwatches has been growing among Brazilians. The options on the market are many. In this Digital laboratory, we have two categories-mainly because of the price. On the other hand, the expensive and isolated Apple Watch (Moreover, for this reason we prefer not to compare it to the other models, but we leave here a complete review of the Apple smartwatch);… Read Article →

Animal Print for Gorditas Dresses

When we refer to the dresses animal print for gorditas, we are talking about those who have designs of animal fur. The animal print has a wide range of designs, textures and colors. And when look them we imagine giving us appearance of hunters.

Everything You Already Know about Smart Watches

Market follows the alleged iWatch, a product that Apple is about to launch The “unintelligent” will end up being left behind.In the world of technology, more and more devices evolve into their “smart” versions – or, translating, “smart”.That’s the way cell phones, smartphones, connected TVs, Smart TVs, and so on.And, by all accounts, the next smart article on this list will be an object also present in the daily lives… Read Article →

The Ideal Bra for Gorditas

Bras are designed to offer basic, practical support and coverage, while others are simply so let’s us look sexy and flirty. If the bra you chose does not have correct support, it can lead to loss of firmness and fall of breasts. In the case of women chubby with great bust, lor better is a full Cup bra.