Medion P9514 P8514: 8-Inch Aldi Tablet in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know The Medion P9514 P8514 worked in the test really smart and convinced the image quality. The slightly scarce memory, the veraltetete wireless-n standard and moderate cameras are, however, room for improvement. But for 149 euros, customers can expect a top tablet. Therefore, performance of the Medion P9514 P8514 for the favourable sale price fits. A high pace of work sharp display GPS on board… Read Article →

Medion P9514 E6912: Seven-Inch Aldi Tablet in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know The Medion P9514 E6912 is 130 euros less than calculated after all it has for mobile browsing UMTS on board. On top of that customers receive ebooks a 10-euro credit each for Aldi life and Aldi talk. The pace of work of the Aldi tablets was the image quality despite slightly paler color representation in the test acceptable, also. One notices the Red pin… Read Article →

Our Site Network Test: Five Good Reasons For The New Speed Test App!

Network test app 4.0 with LTE map and parts function The our site network test app is the most popular speed test app for Germany’s mobile phone networks. New: The technology under the hood has been further improved, the built-in LTE availability map is topical. And: in version 4.0, you can sign its pace values via whatsapp, email & co. To friends and acquaintances. The measuring technique was refined so… Read Article →

Facebook: Messenger Now With End-To End Encryption

In April of this year a cross-platform end-to end encryption Facebook missed his chat program whatsapp, now is also the in-house Messenger app: now the service offers its users the option for fully encrypted conversations. App newsletter you almost did it! The best apps of the week for iphone, ipad and Android models. To finalize your order, please click on the confirmation link, the you just email get. Please enter… Read Article →

Five Years Without Steve Jobs: Apple Builds On Foundation Of The Future

After the death of Steve Jobs, the Executive floor to Tim Cook took over a company in the up to date virtually all the Apple co-founder and-Retter turned: Steve determined the strategy, Steve filed with Chief Jony Ive at the appearance of the devices, Steve met many large and small decisions up to the hue of the app icons. And then Steve was no longer there.   Quite surprisingly, his… Read Article →

Google Assistant: Google Now Is Able to Learn

Google has in the part of his October events with two pixels smartphones, the VR goggles daydream view or Chromecast ultra a series fresh hardware products presented. But between the new devices, a software dominated the event: Google Assistant. Instead of responding only to searches, the ubiquitous service should be the user in any situation with the appropriate advice and knowledge to the page. Thus Google is presenting his vision… Read Article →

Apple Watch Series 2: Test the Refreshed Smartwatch

Unpack packages for Christmas it was not straight. Because as the mounted mountain Messenger by Our site which increased new Apple Watch series 2 on the lab bench, was already clear: outwardly little has changed at Apple’s Smartwatch. Nothing was so with the round shape of the case foreseen by Geruchtekundigen. There’s a square screen, the housing edges and two display sizes: 38 or 42 mm diagonal. There are housing… Read Article →

Sony Xperia XZ in the Test: Successful Comeback?

Test conclusion: what you should know Sony is back, convincing the rounded design, high-end hardware, and the high resolution camera. But a potential stumbling block could be the ambitious price. Models such as the oneplus 3 offer similar facilities almost for half of the money. Best price on the Internet: 517,00 euro * this product at Amazon order promising camera Pro fast high-end hardware store makes good great photos cheap… Read Article →

Ipad Pro 2: News, Rumors, Release, Features

12.9-inch ipad pro Apple unveiled a tablet in September 2015, which is designed with the optional accessories such as the pencil for creative people like photographers and designers. The little brother of the Tablet giant followed with the ipad Pro 9.7 in March 2016. Next the company from Cupertino, is probably the ipad Pro 2. First images suggest that got leaked to appleinsider from China. On a Tablet is to… Read Article →

Xiaomi MI Pad 2: Test the ipad Clone

Test conclusion: what you should know The cheap Xiaomi MI pad 2 reflected wacker. If you want a sleek tablet with proper speed and crisp sharp display, is right here. Since pad 2 comes close to the MI ipad mini right his role model. In the facilities it says however, smears make: moderate cameras, not LTE. This product at Amazon order Pro sharp and very detailed display high pace of… Read Article →